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The Richard Franco Agency, Inc. made its start in 1947 as an agent for Indian cashew suppliers and has retained its role as a leading broker / agent in the industry ever since.




Brazil Nuts (shelled and in-shell)b_nut

The Richard Franco Agency, Inc. is the world leader in the brokerage of Brazil Nuts and maintains relationships with all major suppliers of both the shelled and in-shell products.





 Macadamia (shelled and in-shell)


Franco entered the Macadamia brokerage business in 1991 and has gradually grown its list of suppliers ever since and now represents suppliers from all major origins.





 Cashew Nut Shell Liquid (CNSL) oil

CNSL, an oil byproduct of cashew shells is a small-scale commodity used in a variety of engineering applications, most notably brake pad linings, as well as for energy which Franco has brokerage services in Brazil and India.


Almonds (shelled and in-shell)

Walnuts (shelled and in-shell)

Hazelnuts (Filberts, shelled and in-shell)